A Day in the Life

Our day begins at 9:00 when the children arrive with their parents. After investigating the classroom to see what special activities are planned for the day, the children say good-bye to their parents and begin to play. There are several activities available every day, including an art activity, sensory activity in the sensory table, books, vehicles, our pretend play/kitchen area, blocks and more. The children play and the teachers help guide them in interactions with each other. One teacher typically leads an art activity, such as apple stamping, that the children can join if they are interested.

dayinthelife2At 10:30, a bell is rung and clean-up for snack time begins. The teachers and children sing the clean-up song as toys are put away and the room is prepared for snack. Snack, provided by St. Mark’s Toddler Playgroup (SMTP), is typically a toddler-friendly, healthy snack that the children eat at the table. One week a month, the children help prepare the snack as part of the morning play time. Favorite snack activities include making apple sauce and baking muffins.

Around 10:50, the children come to the carpet for a brief song and story time, where the children are each greeted in song. The children hear classic picture books, such as Brown Bear, Brown Bear as well as newer favorites, such as Pete the Cat.

At about 11:00, the group moves into the Motor Room for play while diapers are changed and, for our older children, the potty is used if they are ready. In nice weather, the teachers and children go out onto the playground to run, climb, play in the sandbox and drive the push toys.

At noon, the children and teachers tidy up the playground and head in for music time and lunch. A short sing along time helps the children calm down and focus before washing hands and having the lunches brought from home. Parents begin to pick up at 12:20 and stories are shared about their children’s morning.

The day provides a loose structure with plenty of time for play and exploration. SMTP often has special visitors, such as Miss Barbara, who leads a music circle, and Miss Amy, who leads a motor group.